Sonview Ranch is a family ranch located in Northern California (about 2 hours north of San Francisco) where 3 generations of our family moved together in 2005. The focus of Jim & Teri Crowhurst’s ranch life these days is our herd of registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, which Teri started in 2010, when she got back into dairy goats. Teri has been working hard to breed increasingly correct, beautiful does that excel in the show ring all the way up to the National level and also score well across the Linear Appraisal score card. With the encouraging progress in improving udder and structural correctness, she added a concentration on genetically increasing milk production a couple years ago, with visible results in 2023!

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Sonview Ranch Highlights

2023 ADGA National Show

Sonview Ranch Regal-1st place junior 2023 ADGA National Show
2023 ADGA National Show 2nd place junior kid behind her twin sister who won the class
Sonview Ranch Ritzy-2nd place junior 2023 ADGA National Show

Ever since we went to our first National Show in 2019, we were planning to go back in 2023, when it once again came to the West Coast. We are grateful that things did come together and we were able to compete at the 2023 ADGA National Show in Redmond, Oregon in July 2023.

It was stunningly wonderful to see our does do so well at the National level.

The very first class we walked into resulted in the unbelievable feat of our little homebred junior doe kids going 1 – 2 to win the class! Sonview Ranch Regal won the class, with her twin sister, Sonview Ranch Ritzy, (at her first show ever,) placing 2nd right behind her. (sire: Sonview Ranch Lando & dam: GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale (titles pending ADGA updates)
Sonview Ranch KMD Rainey also made the cut in the large class placing 11th out of 56, giving us 3 in the top 20.

Sonview Ranch KMD Rainey-11th place junior 2023 ADGA National Show

Going into the Nationals, our hope was that GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale would be competitive. The quality was extreme as the 5 & 6 year old does entered the ring. As hoped, she made the cut, but it got more exciting when the judges narrowed it down to their top 8 and Delightful Dale was in that group! Then she was still included when they got down to their top 5. They chose 2022 National Champion CH Agape’s Prize French Quarter to win the class, with the beautiful SGCH Springwater BL Janie’s GotAGun 2nd and our Delightful Dale was 3rd, with 17 outstanding does filling out the rest of the top 20 in the class.

GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale-3rd place at the 2023 ADGA National Show in the 5 & 6 year old class

Keeping it all in the family, Sonview Ranch Nazira, another daughter of Delightful Dale and a full sister to Sonview Ranch Regal & Ritzy, made the cut in the largest class at the National Show and went on to place 11th out of the 85 two year old milkers.

Sonview Ranch Nazira-11th place 2 year old 2023 ADGA National Show

With 64 in the intermediate kid class, we were very excited to have 2 of ours make the cut of the top 20 and place well. Sonview Ranch Rejoice was 12th place and Sonview Ranch KMD Resolute was 14th.

Sonview Ranch Rejoice-12th place intermediate 2023 ADGA National Show
Sonview KMD Resolute-14th place intermediate 2023 ADGA National Show

Since we did not have any senior kids or yearlings, our next class was Best Three Junior Does.
What a thrill to have the judges point to us for 2nd place in the Best 3 Junior Does with our 3 young does.
Then we were 3rd place in Junior Get of Sire for Rosasharn CB Katmandoo, with Sonview Ranch Rejoice, Sonview Ranch KMD Resolute and Sonview Ranch KMD Rainey!

Our 3 year old, Sonview Ranch Martina, made the cut out of 58 and placed 17th.

Sonview Ranch Martina-17th place 3 year old 2023 ADGA National Show

In the aged doe class, (7 years and over) my dear Poppy Patch HB Tiffany (the only doe in my herd that I did not breed and raise) was a solid 12th place as a 9 year old.

Poppy Patch HB Tiffany

Sonview Ranch was 7th place in Dairy herd.

GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale, Sonview Ranch Nazira and Sonview Ranch Martina placed 6th in the spectacular Best 3 Senior Does class.

6th place Best Three Senior Does – 2023 ADGA Nationals – Sonview Ranch (L-R) Nazira, Martina, Delightful Dale.

Alethia DOH Cosmic Wonder’s daughters did him proud to place 6th in the Senior Get of Sire class. (Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale, Sonview Ranch Lamia, Sonview Ranch Praise (yearling)

And in our final class of the 2023 ADGA National Show, GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale and Sonview Ranch Nazira were 10th place in the Senior Dam & Daughter class! What a wonderful way to end!

2023 Linear Appraisal – August 16

Sonview Ranch was one of the lucky ones to get to have Linear Appraisal done this summer, but I was not sure what to expect with the new scoring system.

I was totally blown away when 5 of our 6 mature does scored 90 or 91, with the 6th doe scoring 88! And then to see 2 of our 3 three year olds score 90, with the 3rd scoring 89, well, it was beyond anything I even hoped for.

As always, I learned a lot and I so appreciate this performance program as a tool as I continue to work to improve my herd and contribute to improving our breed. Here are our scores:

GCH Sonview Ranch Delightful Dale VEEE 91 – 5 years old

Dairyness 36, fore udder attachment 36, rear udder height 36, rear udder arch 36

Sonview Ranch Lainey VEEE 91 – 4 years old

rump width 41, E head, E front legs, E rear legs

Sonview Ranch Firebird VEEE 90 – 5 years old
Sonview Ranch Firefly VVEE 90 – 5 years old
Sonview Ranch Lamia VEEE 90 – 4 years old
Sonview Ranch Tribute VVEV 88 – 4 years old
Sonview Ranch Mitzy VEEE 90 – 3 years old
Sonview Ranch Mayla VVEE 90 – 3 years old
Sonview Ranch Martina VEVE 89 – 3 years old
Sonview Ranch Nazira VVVE 89 – 2 years old
Sonview Ranch Singular Delight GVVV 87 – first freshening 2 yr old
Sonview Ranch Extra Blessing GVEG 84 – 2 years old
Sonview Ranch Sheer Bliss VVVG 86 – 1st freshening 2 year old
Sonview Ranch Neevia GGVG 84 – 1st freshening 2 year old
Sonview Ranch Nessa AGAA 78 – health struggles (now resolved)
Sonview Ranch Niva GGVA 82 – 1st freshening 2 year old
Sonview Ranch Praise GGGG 83 – yearling
Sonview Ranch Prize GAGA 81 – yearling
Sonview Ranch Posy AGGA 80 – yearling
Sonview Ranch Paragon GAAA 78 – yearling

Rosasharn CB Katmandoo VGE 88 – 18 days before his 8th birthday
Rosasharn HRS Clasic Caballero VVV 86 – 2 years old

2019 ADGA National Show

In 2017, Teri set her sights on being able to show at the National level in 2019, when the ADGA National Show was scheduled to come to the West coast. She decided what she wanted to work on improving in her herd, bought 2 new bucks and carefully planned breedings. The dream became a reality when we were able to go to the ADGA National show in Redmond, Oregon, as planned in 2019. We took 6 kids and 3 milkers, all homebred Sonview Ranch does. Our goal and our hope was that some of our does would make the cut in the huge and highly competitive classes there. (The classes are so large that the judges “cut” out the top 20 animals in the class, excuse the rest of the entries from the ring, then place the top 20 who made the cut.)

What a thrill it was in our first class to have all 3 of our kids make the cut out of 46 nice intermediate doe kids in the ring! They ended up 10th, 12th, and 15th in the class. Sonview Ranch Tribute was 10th, with her twin sister, Sonview Ranch Treasure in 12th and Sonview Ranch Lena was 15th. Having 3 of the top 20 kids our first time in the National Show ring was beyond our dreams.

Sonview Ranch Tribute
Sonview Ranch Treasure at 9 weeks old
Sonview Ranch Lena at 5 months old

In the next class, 1 of our 3 entries made the cut in the large senior kid class and then she went top 10! Sonview Ranch Layla was 9th place senior kid!

Sonoview Ranch Layla

In the Junior Get of Sire, we made the top 10 again, with our doe kids placing 6th for their sire, Alethia SHH Gunsmoke N Lace.

Our yearling milker did not handle the Nationals experience well, failed to bag up and did not make the cut. It struck me as ironic because the reason I had decided to take her was because she was such a serious milker with such a capacious udder for a yearling that I felt confident she would udder up for the show…

Sonview Ranch Emmy made the cut in the 5 & 6 year old class as one of the last ones chosen for the top 20. It was exciting as the judges kept moving her up in the placings as they sorted those top 20 does. They ended up moving her all the way up to 10th place in a beautiful class.

SGCH Sonview Ranch Emmy

To wrap things up, our herd queen, Sonview Ranch Fancy C.C., was pulled out to make the cut right away in the aged doe class. It seemed too good to be true when she was placed first as they sorted the class. Amazingly, she WON the aged doe class and was awarded best udder in class also!

That meant that at our first National Show, we were in the line up from which the National Champion was chosen, as well as in the line up for Best Udder of Breed. What an honor!

GCH Sonview Ranch Fancy C.C.